Women – Especially “Suddenly Single” Women – Are At Greater Risk of Outliving Their Money

By Eve Kaplan, Certified  Financial Planner™ Women run a higher risk of outliving their money in retirement than men. The risk is even greater for single women – especially women in the lowest pre-retirement wage earning quartile (meaning the lowest 25% of wage earners). In addition to low income-earning women, women who are “suddenly single” […]

Womens’ Special Financial Planning Needs That Advisors Overlook

by Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Professional Womens’ special financial planning needs that advisors may overlook in two ways: 1) advisors don’t always acknowledge the different planning needs women have and 2) advisors don’t always communicate well with female clients – especially if the client comes to a meeting with her husband. It’s very common for a […]

The Stakes are Even Higher When Planning for Women. Here’s What You Can Do.

By Eve Kaplan, CFP® Are you a single woman (widowed, divorced or never married)? If so, your financial planning needs are greater than the average couple or single man. Why? You will live longer than the average man but you typically have less money to do so. In other words, you have “longevity risk.”  What […]

Women and Money: Why They Avoid Risk, Lack Confidence in Decision-Making

by Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Practitioner Women differ from men in many ways including their attitude toward money. That’s having a growing effect on the trillion dollar financial industry. John Grey’s classic book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” illustrates how the sexes view the world through different lenses. Our previous article mentioned how […]

Women Live Longer Than Men, Have Less Saved for Retirement

by Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Practitioner “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is alive and well in the financial world. Data continue to underscore differences between the sexes when it comes to financial matters. While both men and women face a retirement funding crisis in this country, I will dwell on specific planning issues […]

Widowed…And Directionless?

by Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Losing your spouse prematurely may be your worst nightmare. That’s when you discover who your real friends are, which relatives you can count on — and the unbelievable time and stress involved in sorting through complicated legal and financial issues that immediately land in your lap. Some well-intentioned friends or family […]

Can You Afford to be a Stay-At-Home Parent?

by Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Practitioner How do you decide if it makes sense to leave a job and become a stay-at-home parent? As a financial planner, I approach this topic strictly from the financial standpoint – I’m NOT saying it’s better be a stay-at-home Mom and I’m NOT saying it’s better to use child care […]

Women in the Planning Crosshairs: the Retirement Gender Gap

Women in the Planning Crosshairs: the Retirement Gender Gap By Eve Kaplan, CFP® Ask any financial planner what the biggest financial problems Americans face and the answer is: lack of retirement preparedness. Americans still typically retire at age 65 but we are becoming more long-lived. Retirement, for some, can last 30+ years. But that’s just […]