Investment Management

Client investment accounts are visible 24/7 on our investment platform at TD Ameritrade Institutional. We utilize high-quality, low cost mutual funds, including Dimensional Fund Advisors, to diversify and reduce investment risk.

Dimensional Fund Advisors ( is a $460 billion+ investment house that utilizes “evidence-based investing.” to design these low cost funds. Please look at the Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) videos at the bottom of this page. DFA methodology is built upon decades of empirical research done by Nobel laureates at the University of Chicago.

Here are some of the reasons Dimensional Fund Advisors funds do a great job for my clients:

  • low expense ratios (approx. 0.1- 0.4% range for most funds).
  • outperformance over extended periods of time by overweighting “value” over “growth,” and “small cap” over “large cap.”
  • ability to diverge from indexes – when needed — since they don’t need to mirror an index the way passive index funds do, and
  • bond investments focus on the optimal fit between “return” and “duration.” DFA adapts to a shifting yield curve so investors don’t “overpay” (take undue risk) for any given return.

Chairman and Co-CEO David Booth and others talk about the firm’s founding and its close ties to the academic community:

Dimensional thought leaders discuss principles that may help investors during periods of increased market volatility:

Financial Planning

Our detailed planning focus keeps you on the right financial track before and during retirement. We specialize in planning areas relevant to each client:

  1. Detailed financial planning. Our clients receive quarterly updates on their financial plans so they know exactly where they stand
  2. Investment management – click here to go to “investment management” separate section
  3. Executive compensation: options, restricted stock units, other deferred compensation plans. We utilize cutting edge tools to value executive compensation and to time optimal sell levels. This work is integrated with input from a CPA with decades of executive compensation experience.
  4. Tax minimization planning (with a CPA),
  5. Estate planning (with an estate attorney) to insure orderly distribution of assets and
  6. Insurance needs (with a seasoned insurance agent).
investment management

Why Fee Only?

Our world is increasingly complex, fraught with information overload. We help you manage your financial life by cutting through extraneous noise and providing prudent advice and support. Our advice isn’t clouded by product sales or split commissions. We adhere to a Fiduciary Oath that puts client needs before our own at all times.

We work with many single women and couples – both pre-retirees and retirees. Financial planning and investment management requires tailored solutions. We avoid “techno talk” that can confuse clients.

We charge a percentage on the investment assets we manage to cover detailed financial planning and investment management. Our fee structure is transparent. Our investment minimum for comprehensive financial planning and investment management is $1,500,000.