Our Clients

Our clients are individuals and couples preparing for retirement or already retired.

Kaplan Financial Advisors provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. Our clients typically have at least $1.5 million of investment assets to manage. Many of our clients are single women who have lost their spouses or are divorced. We specialize in helping women.

We combine analytics with an approachable, inclusive style. This approachable style works well with individuals of different stripes, and with couples. One person may need/like a technical approach to planning but the spouse/partner may quickly feel lost. Our approach bridges the two styles. This helps clients who feel unsure about financial issues, but seek guidance from a knowledgeable professional who won’t snow them under with excessive techno-talk and jargon.

Every client is different in terms of temperament, needs and goals. We tailor our services to fit each clients’ needs. We work with a “best in class” team of professionals to provide our clients with all the tools they need to attain financial success. Our “team” consists of CPAs, insurance agents, estate attorneys and others. As a result, our clients know their insurance, tax planning, estate plans and other strategies are integrated 100% with their financial plans, with no split commissions or other “distractions” to dilute the fiduciary standard of care our clients receive.

Our Value to You

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