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Currently I don’t have any public library workshop talks scheduled. In the past, I’ve spoken at a number of NJ public libraries on a range of subjects: retirement planning 101, annuities, financial planning for women and insurance topics. Public library talks are open to all.

Eve’s News Media Sightings

Eve writes frequently for Forbes. Her articles also can be found on AdviceIQ, Morningstar, National Real Estate Investor The Online Investor, Wall Street Cheat Sheet , USA Today and The American Consumer Council. Eve writes a monthly personal finance column for The Independent Press; stories also sometimes are distributed to Please visit her archived financial planning/investment column “Kaplan on Your Money” in The Alternative Press (see under “business columns”).
6/14/18 Carmen Reinicke quoted Eve in an article in Personal Finance titled “Are You Prepared For a Pet Emergency? Most Americans Are Not.” Eve spoke about the need for an emergency fund to cover pet emergency expenses. Nearly 70% of American households have a pet, but many cannot afford even a $1,000 emergency.
6/13/18 Sharon Adarlo quoted Eve in an article in Financial Planning titled “Why Digital Banking and Robo Advice Are Pairing Up. “
2/3/17 Ryan Derousseau quoted Eve in an article in US News and World Report titled “3 Reasons Trump’s Plans Mean Nothing for Long-Term Investors. “
9/28/16  Christine Idzelis interviewed Eve about the acquisition of Jefferson National by Nationwide in The Investment News: “
4/29/16  Jeffrey Stimpson wrote an article called “How to Save During Retirement” in The Street on April 29, 2016. Eve was quoted several times throughout the article discussing ways to reduce costs during retirement and how the composition of retirement expenses change over a lengthy retirement period.
6/23/15  Eve’s article “I Clean Financial Messes”appeared on Nasdaq. Many thanks to Jeff Stimpson at AdviceIQ for coaxing me out of my shell.
1/26/15  Eve was interviewed and quoted by Tom Lauricella of the WSJ regarding Key Retirement “Tools” to employ when advising clients on retirement:
12/17/14  Eve was interviewed and quoted on a article about the Certified Financial Planning Board changes to their qualifying exam:
10/3/14  Eve was interviewed by on “Market Optimism Further Erodes Among Financial Advisors”
9/29/14 See an article I wrote called “Divorce and Elder Care Bills” in USA Today. Click here to see the entire article.
9/19/14   “Emotionally Fraught Times Require Extra Financial Care” in the Chicago Tribune (also carried in other papers across the US). Eve was interviewed about working with widows and widowers in recent years after loss of a spouse. Apologies but the link to this article is no longer accessible.
8/18/14 “Why Retiring is Tougher Now” in USA Today. This is a condensed version of my recent, longer article on this subject that ran on Forbes.
7/11/14 “Why Writing to Win Clients Pays Off” by Bruce W. Frazer in . Bruce interviewed Eve and one other Berkeley Heights planner to find out why we reach out to current clients and prospects through writing.
7/9/14 “Public Speaking: How To Connect with Clients” by Bruce W. Frazer in Bruce interviewed Eve and several other advisors to learn more about the benefits of reaching out to existing (and prospective) clients through public speaking events.
4/11/14 “Advisors Say Clients are Calm, Cool as Market Crumbles” by Jeff Benjamin in Investment News. Eve was one of several advisors interviewed about our clients’ reactions to recent stock market volatility.”
2/11/14 “Helping Clients Manage Their Time in Retirement” by Veronica Dagher in Eve was interviewed regarding ways she has coached/advised clients about matters such as where to find a meaningful volunteer position or referring them on to an occupational psychologist to help identify skills and interests to retool for a job.
12/15/13 “Sales of Survivorship Insurance Gain” by Veronica Dagher in Eve was interviewed by Veronica Dagher on the uses of “2nd to die insurance policies” in estate planning – specifically for special needs planning.
October 2013 edition of Eve was interviewed by Kerry Flynn regarding “Catastrophe Planning” and preservation of financial records/information.
11/25/13 “A New Way for Advisers to Attract Clients?” by Megan Durisin in Investment News. Eve was interviewed about the connection amongst financial planning writing, internet presence and financial planning leads.
8/27/13 “Outliving Their Prosperity” by Peter Hochstein. Eve was profiled in regarding pre- and post-retirement work she does with Boomers. Here is her article:
8/3/13 “Wives Who Ignore Finances Do So at Their Own Peril” by Tom Lauricella. Eve was interviewed regarding some of the reasons women have specific financial planning needs that often can (and do) get ignored:
4/26/13 “Advisers, Clients Plan for Next Tax Season” by Arden Dale in the Wall Street Journal. Arden interviewed Eve and two other financial advisors about strategies handling 2012 and prospective 2013 tax issues.
3/1/13 “Clients Turning to Medicaid Trusts as Costs Soar” by Arden Dale in the Wall Street Journal. Eve was interviewed and asked about Medicaid trust planning for clients (note: all facts and circumstances noted in the article have been changed to protect client privacy):
12/18/12 “What’s Your Savings Resolution for 2013?” by Marilen Cawad in The
Eve was interviewed and gave some feedback to Marilen Cawad after evaluating a survey about retirement intentions.
11/7/12 “Eyeing Tax Relief for Sandy’s Victions” by Arden Dale in The Wall Street Journal. Arden interviewed Eve to find out how advisors are responding to clients’ tax issues in the wake of Sandy.
10/29/12 “Advisors Continue to Serve Clients as Hurricane Sandy Bears Down” by Caitlin Nish (Dow Jones). Eve and other advisors were interviewed regarding the effect of Sandy on our ability to serve our clients. “”
9/24/12 “What Would You Give Up To Buy Your Dream Home?” by Marilen Cawad. Eve was interviewed exclusively for this article on which discusses the trade-offs of buying a home vs. halting 401(k) deferrals.
8/8/12 “One of the Fastest Growing Careers is in Desperate Need of Young Talent” by Halah Touryalai. Halah, a Forbes columnist, interested Eve to discuss the paucity of young financial planners versus the growing need for younger generations to replace aging demographics in this career group.
6/19/2012 “Asian-Americans No. 1 Immigrant Group, but Tough Crowd for Advisors” by Gil Weinreich in Advisor One. Gil interviewed Eve about her thoughts regarding providing financial planning advice to the Asian community in the US
2/29/12 “Investors Gird for Higher Dividend Taxes” by Arden Dale in the WSJ – see Eve was one of several advisors interviewed regarding possible increases in dividend taxes from 2013 onwards, along with a possible hike in capital gains.
2/26/12 “Fee-Based Advisors are Warming Up to VAs” by Darla Mercando in Investment News. Eve was interviewed re: her position on variable annuities. Eve remains skeptical about most variable annuities, contrary to the title of the article and some of the (out of context) comments. See
12/20/11 “Financial Advisors Say Many People ‘Simply Do Not Know’ Where Their Money Goes” by Marty Daks in The Alternative Press. Marty interviewed Eve and several other financial planners regarding this common phenomenon.
9/19/11 “Where Religion and Business Do Mix” by Veronica Dagher in the Wall Street Journal . Veronica interviewed Eve and several over financial planners regarding the appropriate use of religious affiliations when working with financial planning clients.
9/12/11 “A Client Must Be Nudged Back to Work” by Kelly Kearsley in Dow Jones Kelly interviewed Eve about the process involved in encouraging clients to return to work so they can build up their retirement nest egg.
9/8/11 “A Tragedy and a Windfall: What To Do Next?” by Aaron Smith in CNN Money. Eve was interviewed about financial planning work she did with a 9/11 surviving spouse (note: some details were changed to protect the privacy of this client).
8/30/11 Reuters “Stock Market Troubles Test College Parents With Fall Tuition Due.” Eve was interviewed and gave advice re: how to handle tapping 529 Plans to pay for college when 529 Plan invested assets are down.
8/4/11 “Frugal & Fabulous: Rethinking Your Commute Could Save More Than $$$” by MaryLynn Schiavi in (Berkeley Heights). MaryLynn interviewed Eve and several other professionals about the merits of working in a home office.
7/26/11 “Why So Many Marrieds have Trouble Saying “I Do” to Financial Planning” by Lou Carlozo (Reuters). Eve and her clients, Brennan and Chris Sweet, were featured in this article discussing why some spouses are reluctant to get involved in financial planning.
3/15/11 “Boosting Clients’ Retirement Confidence” by Veronica Dagher in Dow Jones News Wire. Eve and two other advisors were interviewed regarding strategies employed to calm clients’ nerves (during market meltdowns) and ways to retire their “retirement confidence.”
2/14/11 “Is paying 1 percent to a financial advisor too much?” by Warren Boroson in Eve and several other advisors were interviewed and quoted regarding the appropriate fee level for investment management and ongoing financial planning support.
12/6/10 “Frank financial advice for young people,” by Warren Boroson in Eve and several other advisors were interviewed and quoted regarding sound financial advice for young people.
10/14/10 “Voices: Eve Kaplan, On Financial Planning for Pets” – a one page interview by journalist Harper Willis in The Wall Street Journal.
9/9/10 “Choosing the Debts to Pay Off Now (and Later) by Catey Hill in Eve was one of several advisors interviewed about how to differentiate between “good and “bad” debt, which to pay down first, and how to handle indebtedness overall.
8/5/10 “How to Tell Clients They Can’t Retire Yet” by Ed McCarthy in Eve was one of several advisors who discussed how they approach clients and explain they can’t afford to retire as early as they would like to.
4/11/10 “How Much Money Do You Need to Retire Comfortably (Part Two)? by Warren Boroson in
4/5/10 “More Advisers Weigh in on Health” by Jilian Mincer in (The Wall Street Journal)
3/17/10 “Advisors Weigh in On Health, Diet” by Jilian Mincer in Financial Advisor Magazine. Jilian interviewed Eve and several other planners re: how we’ve begun to discuss health issues with our clients because it affects insurance premiums (long-term care, life) and other issues (budgeting, financial plan projections, etc.).
2/4/10 “Fifteen Ways to Slash Spending in Retirement” by Ben Steverman in Ben interviewed Eve and other Fee-Only financial advisors nationwide to compile the top 15 tips for reducing expenses in retirement.
January 2010 “Five Things To Do Differently in 2010” by Eve Kaplan, in Planning Perspectives, a quarterly e-newsletter magazine from The National Association of Personal Financial Planners (the largest Fee-Only organization in the US).
1/4/10 “Really helpful New Year’s financial resolutions” by Warren Boroson in Eve provided 5 simple financial steps toward greater financial control in 2010.
9/7/09 “Phooey on variable annuities!” by Warren Boroson in Warren featured Eve’s recent critiques (run in of Variable Annuities.
7/16/09 “Do Product Guarantees Help Recover Lost Retirement Income Ground?” by Jim Connolly in FiLife (in partnership with The Wall Street Journal). Jim interviewed Eve and a few other financial planners about the downside of purchasing variable annuities with guarantees.
April 2009 “Put Your 401(k) Back to Work” by Laura Cohn in The Washington Post. Eve was interviewed about the merits of taking former 401k plans and rolling them over to IRAs.
March 2009 “The Rise of the Financial Divorce” by Yaran Noti in Details Magazine ( Eve was interviewed about whether she recommends keeping finances separate once a couple is married.
February 2009 “Surviving the Plunge: Amid Falling Assets and Revenue, Advisor Try to Position Themselves for the Eventual Upturn,” by Jeff Schlegel in Financial Advisor Magazine. Eve joined a discussion re: various advisor compensation models and their pros/cons during a market downturn.
1/28/09 “Income Planners Take Note: Madoff, A Cautionary Tale” by Jim Connoly in Life And Health National Underwriter. Eve and several other financial planners were interviewed about the Madoff scandal and various other “pitfalls” (e.g. thinking your portfolio is diversified when it really isn’t).
Winter 2009 “Women Stay on the Job” by Julie Jacobs in www.SilkPurseWomen.Com Eve was interviewed about why it’s advantageous to work longer and avoid outliving retirement assets.
8/19/08 “Investment Strategy Blogs Slow to Influence Financial Advisors” by Susan B. Weiner, CFA in AdvisorPerspectives. Susan interviewed Eve and several other advisors about the usefulness of financial blogs in their practices.
08/08 Eve was interviewed on a cable TV program about financial planning ( The video link on YouTube is:
08/08 “Best of Discussion Forum” by Kevin Adler in NAPFA Advisor Magazine. Eve and several other NAPFA financial planners weighed in on the subject of pet insurance and other pet financial planning issues (not a trivial discussion — since Americans spend billions of dollars each year on their pets!).
7/27/08 “Are You Ready for Home Ownership?” by Gail Harlow in
6/25/08 “How To Find The Best Financial Advice” by Jessica Wakeman in Jessica interviewed Eve and several other financial planners to determine the best way to find good financial advice.
4/18/08 “An ‘Unretiree’ Helps Others Manage Their Next Eggs” by Julie Bennett in The Wall Street Journal. Julie interviewed Eve and another planner to discuss what it’s like to advise clients.
4/8/08 “The Four Top Investment Strategy Challenges for Investment Advisors” by Susan Weiner CFA in Advisor Perspectives. Eve and several other financial planners discuss inflation, declining interest rates, questions about the worthiness of credit ratings and other issues.
March 2008 “The Thrills, The Chills of the Volatile Market” by Rachel Sheedy and Kathryn Walson in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report Volume 15, Number 3. One of Eve’s clients was interviewed and Eve was one of the financial planners quoted in this review of how individuals close to retirement are handling the stomach-churning market volatility.
February 2008 “Online Tool Helps Boomers Looking For Senior Facilities For Their Parents” by Jim Connolly in Eve was quoted in this article about the merits of website which provides a web search tool to investigate senior care facilities.
2/26/08 “Will the U.S. Sub-Prime Crisis Be as Bad as History Suggests?” by Susan Weiner CFA in Advisor Perspectives. Eve and two other financial advisors were quoted in response to the release of a working paper by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff: Is the 2007 U.S. Sub-Prime Financial Crisis so Different? An International Historical Comparison.
2/25/08 “Being on the Lip of Retirement Can Be an Awkward Age” by Trevor Thomas in “Advising Boomers ( Eve discussed on-line tools for boomers and said “Although sites can help narrow the choice of facilities for a client…it is the planner’s responsibility to examine how stable the facility is financially by looking at…financials information that may not be available on a website. You don’t want to put mom in a facility and have it go belly up 5 years later.”
12/10/07 “Are You Ready for Home Ownership?” by Gail Harlow in Single Minded Women. Eve comments in this article about making sure you don’t lock up too much of your net worth in a house to preclude a cash flow crunch
6/1/07 “Robeco to Advisors: Go Dutch” by Kevin Burke in Registered Rep magazine. Kevin interviewed Eve about Robeco Group plans to expand in the US (based upon Eve’s former employment with Robeco as Senior Portfolio Manager for 8 years, through 1997).
6/1/07 “Great Communicators” by Marie Swift in Financial Planning Magazine. Marie Swift interviewed Eve and several other planners to explain how important client communication (especially listening to clients) is to running a successful and fulfilling financial planning practice
4/1/07 “Mission: Retirement” by Elizabeth O’Brien in Financial Planning magazine. Ms. O’Brien interviewed Eve re: new AARP financial services offerings.
3/10/07 “Retirement Debt: Does a 30 Year Mortgage Make Sense?” in Eve was interviewed regarding mortgages which extend into retirement vs mortgages which end prior to retirement.
1/18/07 “Going Global with ETFs” by Marc Hogan in “” Eve discussed overseas investing in the context of expense ratios for Exchange Traded Funds vs actively managed funds.
1/2/07 “Communicate Effectively with Long-Distance Clients” by Vanessa Richardson in AdvisorMax Newsletter. Eve was interviewed regarding strategies for working with long-distance US expatriate clients.
12/1/06 “The Metamorphosis” by Anne Field in Registered Rep Magazine. Eve discussed some of the compliance issues involved in having her firm be a Registered Investment Advisor in both NJ and NY.
9/27/06 “Don’t Let Housing Haunt Your Retirement” by Marc Hogan in BusinessWeek Online ( Marc interviewed Eve and other financial planners regarding the impact of mortgages on retirement planning.
6/06 “Planners Weigh In On How Bells & Whistles Affect Income Plans” by Jim Connolly in National Underwriters. Jim interviewed Eve and other financial planners regarding the complexity of financial products/services and the sometimes bewildered clients who buy them.
6/16/06 “Prepare Your Finances for Disaster” by Karyn McCormack in BusinessWeek Online ( Karyn interviewed Eve and other financial planners re: strategies when facing a natural disaster.
05/2006 “Second Opinion” by David J. Drucker in NAPFA Advisor Magazine. Eve was quoted regarding the value of Wall Street Journal columnist Jonathan Clements’ “no-nonsense investing tips.”
04/2006 “Are Credit Cards Getting in the Way of Your Retirement?” by Tim Murray in Lifespan Magazine. Eve was profiled in this article about how credit card debt can undermine preparing for a comfortable retirement.
3/19/06 “IRA Can Balance Other Holdings” by Warren Boroson in The Daily Record ( Warren interviewed Eve and other local area financial planners to ask them how to position assets in IRAs and what they recommend in the way of investments.
02/2006 “Retiring Can Mean Business” by David Drucker in “Financial Advisor” Magazine ( Dave interviewed Eve and other financial planners about the kinds of advice they give clients who want to start businesses which use part of the retirement nest egg.
1/17/2006 “Retiree Helps Others Manage Their Nest Eggs,” by Julie Bennett in the Wall Street Journal on-line edition ( Start-Up Journal. Eve and another Certified Financial Planner (TM) were interviewed re: financial planning as a second career.
12/25/05 “’06 Forecast: What to Expect” by Warren Boroson in The Daily Record ( Warren interviewed Eve, along with several other local area market experts, to gauge what will move, amongst investments, in 2006 — and what will lag.
10/5/05 “Middle-Income People May Prefer Planners With Hourly Fees” by Warren Boroson in The Daily Record ( Boronson discusses the merits of the Garrett Planning Network alternative to expensive “wealth managers” (and lists Eve as a local NJ planner).
9/5/05 “Income Planning Education Never Ends, But When Does It Begin?” by Jim Connolly in Insurance Newsnet. Eve was quoted regarding income planning and prioritization of financial goals.
8/15/05 “Money — You May Need to Help Elderly Parents Manage Their Finances” by Warren Boroson in The Daily Record ( Eve was quoted regarding strategies for aiding elderly parents manage their finances better.
08/2005 “Portfolio Doctor — A Pre-Retiree Prices Her Mexican Dream” by Jeffrey R. Kosnett in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine ( Eve analyzed plans by a pre-retiree to retire in Mexico. Eve concluded there were some risks to the plan and they could torpedo this person’s retirement dreams down the road.
7/18/05 “‘Have Not ‘ Advisers Face a Bleak Future,” by Rick Miller in Investment News. Comment on how smaller advisory firms (such as Kaplan Financial Advisors, LLC!) are viable entities which have economic value and are not marginal to the industry, as claimed by a recent JP Morgan Asset Mgmt/Undiscovered Mgrs white paper. See
07/2005 “Foreign Indebtedness” (article on international bond investing) by Susan Weiner CFA in Financial Planning (
07/2005 “The Bewildering Number of Mortgage Choices” by Jim Connolly in National Underwriter. Discussion with Eve and other planners about the pros and cons of fixed rate mortgages and ARMs.
06/2005 “Income Planning Education” by Jim Connolly in “Income Planning Online.” Eve discusses the importance to educating clients so they understand the relevant of various retirement strategies to make sure clients don’t outlive their assets.
3/28/05 “Opinions on Social Security” by Warren Boroson in Daily Record (
2/1/05 “The Next Generation of Advisers (and the Problem with Uncovering Them)” by Ed McCarthy in Financial Planning (
01/2005 “International Rules: Financial Professionals Look to International Equities for Earnings Growth” by Alyn Ackermann in “Financial Advisor” Magazine, Vol 6., No. 1 (January 2005) (
11/18/04 “How Advisors Reach Asian-Americans” by Jim Connolly in Insurance Newsnet ( Eve discusses various aspects of serving this client community, based upon her years of experience in Asia.
11/1/04 “Rolling Along ” (article about IRA rollovers) by Donald Jay Korn in Financial Planning ( Eve comments about the pros and cons of rolling IRA holdings over.
11/1/04 “Women Gain Financial Fortitude” by Charles Paikert in Investment News vol. 8, no 41.
10/20/04 “Is it Profitable to Serve the Middle Market?” by David J. Drucker in Eve discusses aspects of the business model tailored to serving the middle market.
9/25/04 “They Want to Hold Your Hand — Independent Financial Counselors Offer Guidance in a Hazardous Shareholder Culture” by Peter S. Green in International Herald Tribune ( Eve talks about the client-planner relationship against the backdrop of market uncertainty.
6/13/04 “Ask the Biz Brain” (article about 401(k) plans) by Karin Price Mueller in The Star Ledger.
5/23/04 “Best Three Ideas” (3 top investments for consideration) by Karin Price Mueller in The Star Ledger. Eve put forward 3 ideal investments for investors to consider.